Make This Simple DIY Enclosed Camp Shower

Showers are a luxury many of us don't want to go without. Especially if you’ve been out in the wild hunting, fishing or just completing some target practice with your new gun or bow.

You're going to get dirty, sweaty and grimy after an outdoor exertion. While you can always get away without showering for a few days, there is a limit. Your outdoor companions may not be so thrilled with that choice, and it will also begin to take a toll on you as it can turn into a sanitation issue.

Certainly, you can go to the local creek and splash some water on yourself, and quickly towel off, but its not quite the same as a shower. Not to mention, there isn't any privacy. This is fine when you're alone. But if you're with friends or family, you need to think ahead to have some options.

Well, this concoction on the next page is EXACTLY what you need for the aforementioned scenarios.

Go to the following page and we will show you how to Make This Simple DIY Enclosed Camp Shower!

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