[VIDEO] Super Easy DIY For A Tandoor Oven

Whether you are in a crisis, a SHTF scenario, or you're temporary “off the grid” due to a power outage – you'll need to eat. And in most cases you'll need some sort of cooking option. Because your conventional stove or oven indoors may not be an option in this situation, its best to be resourceful and stay prepared.

This oven will also allow you to boil water, if need be, to get you through a true emergency. And as we all know, it's always a good idea to have alternatives for boiling water in the event your primary method is compromised or unavailable.

With today's post, we have an awesome innovative option. Whether you are just looking to cook in an emergency or you're looking for another cooking alternative that brings you outdoors, we've got a great and inexpensive way to make an outdoor Tandoor oven!

Watch the video on the next page and learn how to make this Super Easy DIY For A Tandoor Oven!


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