[VIDEO] Make This Garden Barrel Planter And Save Space

If you have a decent sized backyard with rich soil, you're able to plant any number of vegetables, spices and herbs! There's nothing better for a survivalist than to have an abundance of space to work with.

That being said, many are not blessed with a large space. Ourselves included! So in situations like this, we need to work with what we have. And if your space is limited, you should look into building a vertical garden.

Not sure how that works? No problem – we'll go over it.

The Garden Barrel Planter is ideal. Essentially you're working with a large container, filled with soil, with pockets where you can plant any number of vegetation of your choosing. Once you have a few of these in your backyard, succulent veggies and spices growing from its pockets, you'll probably wonder why you ever did a flat or horizontal garden!

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