55 Self Reliant Skills You Need To Master For Survival

Do you take your survival skills for granted? Sure, we are prepping for possible future chaos by canning goods, stocking up on those dehydrated meals, building functional cooking tools in our backyard (fire bit, BBQ, clay oven, etc), and making certain lighting options and blankets are stored carefully for future use …

…but there are still skills we'll need to utilize during a major grid failure or when a disaster strikes.

Don't count on shelters and food banks because those rations will be used up in no time. We're survivalists. And we need to be able to do it all on our own.

When that major earthquake hits we may be the people others look up to for security, supplies and the know-how to get through all the craziness that no doubt will be overriding the neighborhood calm.

On the following page, we'll show you 55 Homesteading Skills You Need To Master For Survival

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