5 Awesome Fire Starting Techniques

Whether you're preparing to go out into the wild or you just have some useful tools in your kit for emergencies, fire is probably one of the items that will be most indispensable. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will also cook your meals and provide light when you need it during the evening.

Every survivalist needs a good incendiary device.

There are many ways to make fire, some are high tech, some are very simple, and some a lot more difficult than others.

One of the easiest ways to create fire is to strike a match. On page two you will find a video with at least five ways to start a fire, one being a very long lasting match!

Oh, and you won’t believe what you can do with hand sanitizer!

Please go to page two and watch this informative and clever video with some awesome fire-starting techniques!

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  1. Chris Brooks said:

    2 D batteries and 0000 steel wool. Roll the wool out into a thin worm, set the batteries up like in a light, touch the wool to the + and – at the same time. In the middle it will start to glow red, have your dry tinder there.