Bushcraft 101: Sycamore Twig Whistle DIY

As survivalists it is always good to have a good whistle for an emergency situation. Anything you can use to attract the attention of possible saviors is a good thing! Remember six short whistles is a sign of distress, which may come in handy during an emergency situation.

They say the best season to find the twigs you need for these whistles is in late the Spring and Summer months. Ultimately you want to get them before it gets too cold or damp. Also the only item you will need to make your whistle is a sharp knife.

“Now, that’s entertainment!” That is what your friends and neighbors will be saying when you create your own sycamore or willow twig whistle! Or they’ll comment on how loud your new homemade whistle is — which is not at all a bad thing.

Go to page two to learn how to make this awesome Sycamore Twig Whistle!

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  1. Ben Risk said:

    Cutting towards your hand. Not a good way to “survive”……

  2. Thomas Jenkins said:

    I hit the highlighted buttons “photo” so I can see what they are doing and up pops an ad. Each and everyone opens an ad. Keep the whistle

  3. Ray Watkins said:

    @[100000124222667:2048:Charles Neil Prestwood] @[1823320764:2048:Jace Hargrove] @[1509180041:2048:Joshua Randle] @[184104330:2048:Stephanie Holmes Watkins]

  4. Jason Parker said:

    And he’s cutting toward his hand… smart… 14 stitches taught me!