Bushcraft 101: Sycamore Twig Whistle DIY

The best thing about a Sycamore twig whistles is how simple they are to make. The instructions on how to create it are as follows:

Step 1 — You will need to find a straight shaft about the thickness of a pencil, and at least 15cm long. Once you have cut a suitable shaft look along its length for a straight section in between the buds. Using a sharp knife cut just below the bud at an angle. This angle will form the mouth piece of the whistle.

Step 2 — The next thing you need to do is to cut a notch into the top of the whistle (See photo). This is where the sound comes out, take your time, you don’t want to make it too big or it won’t work.

Step 3 — Place the twig onto a firm surface and cut through the bark all the way around. This should be done about 4cm back from the mouthpiece of the whistle.

Step 4 — Hold the stem of the whistle firmly and twist. If you have loosened up the bark sufficiently by tapping it, you should hear a small “POP” as the bark comes away from the underlying wood.

Step 5 — Using your knife carefully cut a thin layer (2-3mm) of wood off the top of the whistle. This forms the channel for air to go into the whistle. Next cut out the sound chamber and remove as much wood as possible without snapping the whistle. Once you have created the sound chamber, carefully slide the bark back into position.

Follow these simple steps and check out Dryad Bushcraft if you feel you need additional details.

With some practice, you will be able to craft these bad boys in no time. And if you don't mind taking instructions from this guy who looks like Froto from Lord Of The Rings, then here you go:

Do You Have Any Ideas For Improving This Whistle?

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  1. Ben Risk said:

    Cutting towards your hand. Not a good way to “survive”……

  2. Thomas Jenkins said:

    I hit the highlighted buttons “photo” so I can see what they are doing and up pops an ad. Each and everyone opens an ad. Keep the whistle

  3. Ray Watkins said:

    @[100000124222667:2048:Charles Neil Prestwood] @[1823320764:2048:Jace Hargrove] @[1509180041:2048:Joshua Randle] @[184104330:2048:Stephanie Holmes Watkins]

  4. Jason Parker said:

    And he’s cutting toward his hand… smart… 14 stitches taught me!