[VIDEO] Make This Water Filtration System For Under $15…

As survivalists we know if the grid ever goes down there will be certain (and often important) constants in our everyday lives that will become unavailable, non functional or even unhealthy.

We need to be prepared for any eventuality.

One of the most important things required for survival is the need for clean filtered water. Because who really knows what will happen to our water supply? We may be forced to take to lakes and rivers in the event something unforeseen should happen. For this reason it is a really good idea to have a water filtration system in your home.

You can buy a water filtration system, but that can set your wallet back a bit. Although we still think purchasing a good water filtration system is a sound investment, we also think its incredibly helpful for each person to learn how to make their own in the event of an emergency, etc. Being self reliant is a resource in itself!

In the video on the following page we'll show you a simple and cheap DIY water filtration system.

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