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8 Self Reliant Uses For Epsom Salts

We recall our father, back in the day, coming home from work and bathing his feet in a nice pan of Epsom Salt. He swore it was a miracle worker, taking away aches and pains and healing the mind and soul. At that time we never thought of Epsom Salt for the garden but maybe

This Is What An Underground Bunker Looks Like

When deciding to become a survivalist we all know to what degree we are going to extend ourselves. It can be a “weekend warrior” with hiking trips into the wilderness or the “stay at home” survivalist who cans fruits and veggies for safe keeping. Then there are those who go that extra mile, really look at their

Gardening Hacks You Need To Start Using

Maintaining a garden can be very rewarding. It’s an opportunity to build a self sustaining food source, which is great for a survival. And many agree that the act of gardening is an excellent source of stress relief. We know of at least two friends who go out and work in their gardens whenever they start

[VIDEO] How To Grow Sustainable Food In A Small Space

Many of us want to grow potatoes, tomatoes, radishes, etc. Being able to grow vegetables is essential for being self sufficient. But often times we simply don’t have the room. It’s difficult to have a homesteading spirit, the heart of gardener, without the yard space to actually plant in. But as we will soon find out

How To Make This DIY Family Sized Off Grid BBQ

So, you want to build a BBQ pit but you don’t want to build just any puny pit. You want something large. You want something you can cook a huge pig or a half a cow in. Well, if that’s the case we think we’ve got you covered! It takes a little planning but for

The Hiking Safety Guide Every Survivalist Should Follow

Even survivalists with the best intentions, who really seem to know their way around a campfire, trail, and have everything they should in their backpack, can find themselves in jeopardy. It does not necessarily have to do with expertise, although we always recommend that a novice go with someone who has hit the wilderness trails a

[VIDEO] Learn How To Make This Awesome Tank Garden

We have always said that gardening is one of the best things for a self sufficient person can do for themselves. AKA – when the grid goes down you still have food. And knowing what we do now through our research and lifestyle, we’ve learned that people around the world have have created and and

[VIDEO] See What It’s Really Like To Live Off The Grid!

As survivalists, we’re familiar with the concept of people “living off the grid”. But it’s always encouraging to hear stories of people who don’t just talk about it, but who actually do it. In today’s post, it’s not just one person either. It’s an entire community who have taken a stand and opted to live their lives

10 Household Items That Have Awesome Camping Uses

Whenever you opt to venture out in nature and go camping, it’s time to bring out your backpack, the tent, and your other supplies that make your camping trips enjoyable. There are ways to make those treks out into the wilderness less daunting and if you do a bit of research you might be surprised what you can keep in and

Perennials: Plant Once And Reap The Benefits For A Lifetime

If you know anything about gardening you know perennial vegetables are nearly the perfect plant, easy to grow, nutritious, and good for the environment! It’s also less dependent on water and fertilizers than many regular crops. Perennials are extremely hardy vegetables, can even be neglected for a bit, and will still grow nutritious and abundant

Learn The Best Ways To Store And Save Seeds

Our garden often is a survivalists pride and joy. To take a little seed, tend to it, and see it grow into an incredible and tasty vegetable is a wonder to behold. It makes us proud. However, we need to be very careful with those seeds because, if they are not adequate be way end up