Which Of These Three Methods Would You Use To Treat A Wound?

We all understand that if (or when) the grid were to go down, there were be several problems. For those of us who have been preparing for this situation, it could be a bumpy ride, but we would manage.

But for those who are not prepared, they could find themselves in an unsavory situation, trying to find food, protection and first aid.

Medical care isn't a guarantee and could be in short supply. And if that occurred, it could place people in a situation where they need to care for injuries on their own. If you've ever been to an emergency room during the evening or on a weekend, you understand just how busy and chaotic they can become. Depending on your situation and the medical attention you need, it could be problematic.

As survivalists, its critical for us to discern how to treat wounds. It’s good for us, our families and for those around us who do not have a clue what options are out there.

On page 2, we'll delve into your options: Which Of These Three Methods Would You Use To Treat A Wound?


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