Make Your Own Compartmentalized Fire Straws For Emergencies

Matches work great when they're dry. But we've all been in outdoor situations with items that are mean to be kept dry somehow get damaged and wet. In the case of matches, they only work properly when they're dry. So whether you're walking in the woods and are suddenly met with a rain storm, or your fishing venture with your friends lands you and your personal items (matches included) get drenched with water.

What do you do?

When either of those situations or something similar occur, you need to have a backup plan in place. When the matches become too wet to ignite you are in for a heap of trouble. No one likes a cold camp site or the inability to cook a warm meal.

The solution is “Fire Straws”, a clever water proof container for your matches!

Now, the author of the enclosed content says he's done this before with one long straw but his new and improved method allows for compartments! You can store toothpicks, Q Tips or any number of small cylindrical objects. Go check it out!

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