Grow Your Own Medicine: A Simple Survival Guide To Natural Remedies

Many of us take medications for granted. What a convenience it is to go to your medicine cabinet and get a pill or an ointment for whatever it is that ails you. But, when you think deeply about it, the expense can be astronomical! And just how good are those medicines? What is in them that costs so much?

While this article may not answer those specific questions, there is a comfort in knowing if you grow your own medications it is less expensive.

Also, you do know what it is you are rubbing on your skin and/or ingesting — because you've prepared it yourself!

The home remedies on the following page are relatively easy to make and you can use something as easy as a sock and glass jar – even an old pickle jar! – to store your natural curatives!

On page 2 we'll show you how to get started on making your own!


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