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fat guys making clean water

Finding Clean Water isn’t Always Easy… According to ‘Fat Guys in the Woods!’

Finding Clean Water isn’t Always Easy… According to ‘Fat Guys in the Woods!’

Our self-proclaimed Fat Guys In the Woods are very concerned about water safety. They pretty much believe that if you are going to get water from a stream or lake that seems somewhat suspect it’s probably a good idea to leave it alone. However if you must take from that stream then be sure to

empty toilet paper roll

7 Alternatives to Toilet Paper When You Run Out

It’s rather odd how we have all come to rely on toilet paper. It’s not something we think about often, but if it were to disappear we would really miss it. Just think about those times when you are sitting there, and you reach over only to discover that a family member did not replace

survival food

Figuring Out What the Best Survival Food is and Why

The options for survival foods are plentiful, but some are more worthwhile than others. There are a lot of things to take into consideration. Fat and protein content, vitamins and, not the least important, flavor. We also have to consider shelf-life. Some food supplies can live in the pantry indefinitely while others only stay good

making a knife out of a wrench

Using an Old Wrench to Create a Useful Survival Knife

Purchasing an excellent survival knife and using it when needed is vital for any survivalist, prepper, and homesteader. Plus, it’s also for anyone who likes to go out into the woods occasionally and build a campfire, pitch a tent and spend the night. However, with a bit of ambition, a few useful tools, and a