Learn How to Make Meals That Are Ready to Eat When You Can’t Cook

packaged meals

Think about a crisis situation. Your power has gone out and you have no idea when it will turn back on.

Certainly, you will have candles and flashlights in your home, but you will also have a refrigerator, which runs off of electricity, and slowly but surely the food inside your fridge will go bad. This is especially true if, beyond your control, the power is out for days!

You have the choice of eating all of your perishables right away, but if you cannot or do that (especially all at once!) then you really shouldn't open that refrigerator door! The more you open the refrigerator door, the more likely that your food will go bad more quickly.

Be prepared for circumstances like this by having emergency foods and packs that you will not need to retrieve from the refrigerator.

Visit page two to get some ideas on what foods you can eat if your refrigerator food was to go bad and how you can prepare them yourselves!

Via Survival Mastery

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