Learn How to Make a Burn Bowl – I Didn’t Know it Was This Useful!

burn bowl

A good camper or survivalist should always be prepared, but accidents can happen. Think about it. You bring along the food you need to cook, and your plate and utensils — but you forget to bring water and a cooking bowl!

Or maybe that bowl was just too bulky and inconvenient to slide into the pack. After all, you have to store enough in there already without having to worry about things like skillets and bowls!

Well the solution, like so many other things, is doing it yourself. Make a burn bowl as an alternative! It takes a little time but it’s worth it. As shown in the video on page two, you can get one started and then another. Have a couple of burn bowls for the evening to make your cooking go smoothly. You won’t regret it!

Visit page two and watch this impressive and informative video. It’s always wonderful to learn something new, and a burn bowl is something that'll come in handy!

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