Prepping for Survival with Your Children: Here’s What You Need

family hiking and in the field


If we ever get to the point where the grid goes down and the SHTF one of the things we need to take into consideration is our children.

Children will get confused, impatient, and frightened, at first, even if you have prepared them, and then the boredom coupled with depression will take over.

Of course, their reactions will depend on the age of your children and how much they understand and respect their elders. Some boys and girls who have been taught survival skills and that are courageous may come through a SHTF moment much better than others. But this is why preparation for the entire family is so important.

With children, after a disaster strikes, it is usually better to stay put unless you're advised differently. Throughout the situation, everyone will have to make great change and sacrifice.

If the disaster is so dire a family must not leave their home and backyard, the kids may go bonkers without their baseball games, electronic devices, or even school — where they can spend time with other children their age.

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