Putting Together the Ideal Car Survival Kit – Here’s What’s Needed

survival bag

Anyone who is into prepping, homesteading or survival, in general, knows that planning is key in the event of a SHTF situation. An emergency backpack is just one of the ways to store crisis items for if some reason an individual or family needs to leave their home.

A backpack is good for many reasons. It’s instrumental for camp outs, bugging-out as we mentioned, or just to have in your car should you find yourself in an accident or happen to see one occur.

Remember, even though you are prepared, most often other people are not and they could use your help as a prepper! Survival of the fittest does not mean losing humanity.

A car survival kit is the subject of the video on page two. It is an interesting and detailed examination of what you should pack.

Watch as the hosts provides excellent reasons why you should include each item in your backpack. Go over and take a look!

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  1. Dennis said:

    I carry a tactical field trauma kit. I have some things to it like super glue for skin, tampons and pads to help control bleeding from large wounds and other medical things. Your only limited by your imagination knowledge and skill. Practice practice practice!!!

  2. Jay Davis said:

    It was a great video with alot of useful ideas on what to carry. I would add some energy bars and a magnifying glass or reading glasses the cheap ones for old eyes

  3. JL Taylor said:

    Someone was checking out my guns once, and he said, “how much ammo do you have?” I told him, and he said, “that’s not enough, if$#%&!@*hits the fan.”

    I said, “if$#%&!@*hits the fan, it’s enough for me to get across town to the store and take whatever I need; including ammo.”

  4. Al Gibson said:

    You may want to include a printed map of the area. Can’t always count on your phone or GPS.

  5. Arctodus Simus said:

    Great comprehensive video.
    I liked the dust masks. Good for dust or smoke.

    I noticed when he was discussing the “other” items he keeps in the car, he didn’t mention having an axe in his trunk.

  6. Jim Tiedeman said:

    I’d add: water, sunscreen, solar charger and cables, mace, wipes, reading glasses, solar/crank radio, nitrile gloves, toothbrush and paste, hand sanitizer