Using an Old Wrench to Create a Useful Survival Knife

making a knife out of a wrench

Purchasing an excellent survival knife and using it when needed is vital for any survivalist, prepper, and homesteader. Plus, it's also for anyone who likes to go out into the woods occasionally and build a campfire, pitch a tent and spend the night.

However, with a bit of ambition, a few useful tools, and a really warm fire, you can always make your own – out of a wrench. It’s an interesting idea, huh?

Believe it or not, this project is not as crazy as it sounds. And taking something that you already own and turning it into something that you need is what repurposing and using what you have is what it is all about.

Visit page two and watch this awesome video featuring a man, a wench and the piece of art he turns it into!

It does not matter if you are a survivalist or an artist; this will impress the heck out of you!

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