Medical Myths You Might Believe and How You Need to be Prepared After a SHTF Scenario

medical care

If we ever find ourselves in a chaos situation, the grid goes down or, as some call it, the SHTF – the human race will need to divide reality and myth when it comes to medical matters.

People may have to deal with illness, disease, punctures and even death. While hope and prayer are never discouraged, having a good grasp of masks, antibiotics, wound care, and even – sorry to say – burying the dead will be significant.

Over on page two, we have a list of some important medical information that every household should know. Some may find the separating of myth from reality common sense. Some of us might be surprised by a few beliefs that have been discovered to be no more than a myth!

On page two you can learn the truth of fact and fiction. Knowledge is power and the truths you discover could save you or another family member’s life!

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