How to Prepare for a Hurricane and What to Do if it Turns Into a Survival Situation

hurricane damage

If you are living in an area where hurricanes are frequent, a preparedness plan is indispensable. Whether you stay or go, it is in everyone’s best interest to have an evacuation or an emergency kit prepared in advance of the annual storm season.

Think about the following: Where will you go should a hurricane touchdown and you are advised to evacuate. Would you go to a friend or family’s home? A shelter?

Telephone numbers: Assuming the phone lines aren't affected, you will need the numbers and addresses of the places you are evacuating to and also those of your friends, family, and neighbors. Everyone should keep in touch if possible.

Continue to listen to “weather radio” or your local radio and TV stations for evacuation instructions, assemble a hurricane survival kit, first aid kit, medications, canned food with an opener, and ready-to-eat meals. Don’t forget about water!

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