Powerful Off-Grid Lessons From the Amish That’ll Change Your Perspective

Amish farmer

Whatever you think of the Amish community and their simple way of life, you have to admire their skills when it comes to building and living a humble life.

Admiring an Amish community's skills is likely common if you are a prepper. Many of the groundwork we do in preparation for the grid failing us is a way of life for the Amish.

Next time you experience a power outage think about the Amish of old and how they read by candlelight and did not listen to the radio or watch TV. Instead, they actually had evening conversations with their families and prepared foods and many still do this today. They used methods such as canning, drying, and storing food for future use.

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  1. Karl Burditt said:

    I have learned a few useful skills from them, lol I wish to learn a lot more if able .

  2. Michael Davis said:

    Lived in Pennsylvania my whole life. Always always respected and was in awe of the amish

  3. Martha Curtis said:

    I figured that the government has been looking for ways to tap into their wealth and way of life… Right down to their head covering/ prayer covering!

  4. Cindy Pieropan said:

    Except for their abuse of their farm animals, including the taking of old, emaciated, lame horses to auctions, such as New Holland, where they are bought by kill buyers for a days long trip on crowded trailers without food or water, to be hacked to death at a slaughter plant.

  5. Lynn Graffam said:

    Alot of people poke fun of..and down the irish. But when everything goes to h in a hand basket…they will be the survivors. Much much respect to the Amish.

  6. Susan Hosler Hunt said:

    They maybe able to survive . But they are no different then anyone of us. They experience abuse, discrimination, alcoholism, stress,$#%&!@*, to name a few from speaking to some Amish . Only thing is that is not talked about or be shunned by their community .

  7. Harlan Hollenbeck said:

    They also believe you’re going to hell if you don’t follow their strict made up laws….along with their extreme abuse of animals. Oh and they do use machines that cause pollution, they just can’t own the machines; a way of getting around going to hell for using machines I suppose. I agree the way they live does leave less of a pollution footprint, but they are far from the example of how the world should live

  8. Cindy Pieropan said:

    That doesn’t excuse immoral or inhumane treatment of other living beings. The two are not mutually exclusive.

  9. Jackie McGuire said:

    We live in a county with a large Amish population. They are friendly and hard working people, we love having them nearby.

  10. George Kolankowski said:

    Yes , they are the supreme prepper….and I imagine they have wind generators and solar panels to sustain the off grid lifestyle , that they’ve always had ….in comfort to boot . For years to come .

  11. Frances Morris said:

    don’t poke fun at the amish,because they live off grid all the time, they are smart.

  12. JS Fardello said:

    the amish kill way less horses than our federal goverment does.