You’ll Never Guess What You Can Use as Fire Tinder Suggested by ‘The Fat Guys’

chips as tinder

Finding tinder for a campfire is an on-going quest for a lot of survivalists. At first, it sounds simple to find timber. What does a forest have that you can't use? The forest has many things to use as tinder… that is if it hasn't rained.

It's amazing how hard tinder is to come by for an immediate fire after a rain storm. Simple lesson: When it's wet it will not catch on fire!

But thankfully there are other materials out there that you can use, and there are many. Some are typical, like cotton — but you will need a lot of it! Then there are unusual materials, like chips.

When we were presented with the top of “chips'” as tinder, the first thing we thought of was wood chips or – worse – chips off of cow patties. Ew!

Yes, either could be used for tinder, but those are not the chips our host is talking about! Visit the next page to watch a video that might just make you look at chips differently!

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  1. Luke Handy said:

    Good thing to know, but use it sparingly of course, the calories are useful for energy.

  2. Jasen Klems said:

    Keep a small pack of Frito corn chips in your pack or make a small fire starter kit out of petroleum jelly and dryer lint form into balls and place in a small altoids can

  3. Christian Saman said:

    If you are in the woods, and you can’t find/make tinder, go ahead and die. Cus it all gies downhill from there.