Why a Fireplace Should be Properly Maintained Throughout Winter

fireplace with wood

Homesteaders have known for centuries what a good, well-maintained fireplace can mean to a growing family. It not only provides warmth for the cold winter nights but, it can also cook food!

Of course, this day and age we get warmth from other things, including the gas oven — which prepares our food — and can also be used as our central heater. After all, the coziness of a fireplace can never be ignored.

Yet, if you think of it in a survival situation, where perhaps our electricity and gas will be cut off, a fireplace can certain be vital as a prime source of heat!

In that case, not only keeping the fireplace maintained is important but making certain there is wood, matches, and another fire-starters is imperative!

After the break, you can check out some fantastic ideas on food preparation that you can use while utilizing your fireplace or hearth!

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