How to Prepare a Survival Garden in Containers!

survival garden

Often we desire to have a garden but due to various issues, including space and lack of soil, preparing a garden becomes a trial or simply is not viable.

However, if you are desperate to plant or want to learn a new way to grow survival vegetables, a garden container is for you! It is also an excellent solution to gardening if you're unable to create a garden due to the weather and other issues.

A prepper who is a native of Florida in a video you'll see on page two shows us just how to make a garden in a container and gives us step by step advice on how to do it. It's nice that supplies are relatively easy to find too. In fact, you can probably find them at any Home Depot © or Lowes © store.

Think about it: the advantage of growing a garden in buckets allows vegetables to grow twice as fast then as they normally would in the ground.

Go on over and take a look at this easy way to garden!

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  1. Paula Jean Filipponi said:

    I’ve tried for the last two years to grow one inside, did fairly well for some vegetables, but after a while I end up getting thousands of gnats! Then I have to get rid of everything