Acorns… Using Them as a Survival Food. Yes, You Can Harvest and Cook Them!


The more research that gets done, the more a survivalist realizes there are incredible food sources all throughout the wilderness.

Acorns may not be a revelation to most since their fat and protein levels are on par with regular nuts, but their raw preparation and doing it the correct way is important.

You should always be watchful of worms and germination since both can damage acorns. The rinsing process before boiling them and cracking them is vital, which is why they should be in excellent condition when you cook them.

In today's video step by step, our hostess will take you through the fascinating process.

While none of us may ever claim to be a famed naturalist like Yul Gibbons, with a little bit of training and a keen eye we too can create some mouth-watering dishes with acorn derived ingredients!

Check out page two and watch the preparation and acorns you can eat!

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