[VIDEO] Basic Bushcraft Skills You Should Know…

Setting up a bushcraft camp

We had to share this great, inspirational video over on page two. Why? A couple of guys who are camping overnight with a good soundtrack while enjoying the beautiful nature allow us to “feel” the experience. Not to mention they both have a great sense of humor!

Granted, there is not a lot of talking in the video – but there does not have to be. Even something as simple as boiling water for tea is interesting in a peaceful way, and we like that they pitched their lean-to up against a large log.

As our host says, it makes a great shelf and support when you want to sit up and just relax by the fire or gaze out at the forest beyond.

Go on over to page two and take a look at this video. It may just motivate you to pick up that camera and capture your camping experience.

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