A DIY Project You Shouldn’t Ignore: Using Cattail to Create a Basket

cattail basket weaving

Often basket weaving is pushed aside when it comes to the basics of survival or wilderness living of any kind. But a typical homesteader might be surprised in regards to the usefulness of such a craft.

Have you ever heard of basket weaving? This skill is particularly useful if you happen to live in an area where cattails are common. They make terrific baskets! And why buy a basket if you can make your own for free?!

A typical survivalist might wonder what they can do with a homemade basket but, depending on the style, you can use it for anything from gathering wild mushrooms to hauling small supplies in and out of your bug-out building!

And what is really nice is anyone can make a basket like this once they are taught a few easy steps.

Check out the instructions on the video on page two!

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