[VIDEO] Learn How To Build A Door For Your Survival Camp

Survival Lilly is a great prepper and survivalist and we have been introduced to her camp area in other videos. In this selection she decides to make a door out of wood and tarp. She explains the tarp is used to keep out water (aka: rain).

Lilly is all about visuals. She would rather show us than talk about it and, in this case, it works very well. We can see her hammer, saw, how she measures, what nails she uses; even the hinges used to connect the new door to the rest of the structure.

It is truly a clever piece of video-making and, as always, Lilly’s dog is there to keep us smiling!

Go to page two to see this video and watch as Survival Lilly builds a door for her survival camp – and how you can do the same!

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