[VIDEO] This Awesome Tiny Home Is Made Form Salvaged Materials.. Truly Inspiring!

Tiny homes are all the rage these days. Young couples particularly, because of expense and desire, find them practical and appealing. Some of these houses, those which are freshly built, can go for as low as thirty thousand dollars and others even lower!

However, there are those ambitious individuals who build their own and it is these homes that truly that make us stand back in awe!

We love the video on the following page because it truly is a homesteader’s hands-on dream. This is a house salvaged from whatever the home-owners could find, built not necessarily for comfort but practicality!

We go on a tour and, while watching realize all of the things we can actually do without. As a matter of fact, even the smallest regular home is probably twice the size of a “tiny home”.

Go over to page two and watch the video. Then see what you can do without!

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