Who Knew Cattail Could be Used to Make Wild Food That’s Nutritious! Here’s How…

preparing a cattail dish

You might have read another one of our articles about cattails and how they can be used for basket weaving purposes. This DIY project on how to make a basket is smart and suitable for many different needs. But this plant apparently has uses that really will blow your mind!

Prepared correctly, the cattail itself can be eaten! Not only can you use its pollen as a gravy or broth thickener but the cattail itself, after a good boiling, can become a sort of corn-flavored dish!

On page two the video shows a host who shows us how to pick the right cattail. He also gives a short lecture on what to look for. Then he takes us into his kitchen and shows how prepare everything. It’s intriguing and if you’ve never tried it, you might be wondering if it’s really safe …

Well, just watch his happy, healthy kids and you may just become a convert! Plus, using cattail can make excellent survival food!

Go on over to page two and watch this great, informative video. It will inspire and fascinate you to use other plans in nature to make food!

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  1. Martin Podoll said:

    You also need to be fairly certain that the marshland you harvest from is unpoluted

  2. Jeff Johnson said:

    You can also eat the tuber,it’s similar to potatoes,and the stalks have a high starch content and can be chopped up and used in a
    Mash to make alcohol.