[VIDEO] Watch this Prepper Prepare an Overnight Bushcraft Camp

bushcraft camp

Want to take a trek outside and stay the night in the deep, dark woods? Sure, it’s cold this time of year, but that does not matter if you know what you are doing. This prepper makes it look easy!

Survivalists can tell you something until they are blue in the face and while they are motivating, unless a fledgling prepper or survivalist sees it done – applied in the real world – they can only assume their instructor knows of what they speak.

Check out the prepper on page two video. He along with his dog, Scout, stay overnight in the wilderness and he shows us how to build an impressive lean-to, an inspiring “long fire” and a few other items any prepper should bring with them during an overnight stay in the woods.

You never know when preparing an overnight bushcraft can come in handy, especially during a SHTF moment! 

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