[VIDEO] How To Be Successful With Your Off Grid Garden

Homesteading isn’t always easy but the rewards can be incredible!

You have your canning, emergency pantry, generator(s), various bug-out bags and – of course – gardening. The video on page two shows you how to be successful with your off-grid gardening!

Our hostess gives us tips and tricks including woodchips, mulch, and terrific results with chicken fertilizer! Yes, you heard that last part right – chicken pooh – but watch the video to get more information!

Do you like peppers, celery and tomatoes? She’s got plenty and it all because she has the right amount of mulch, woodchip and compost, all in varying forms. Her system is ingenious but all very old-school too.

Think outside the box and go over to page two to watch this impressive and informative video! Wait until she shows you her tomato cages!

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