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Everyday Carry – What a Person Should Have at a Minimum

Everyday Carry – What a Person Should Have at a Minimum

The concept of everyday carry gets lost in the mix of survival topics and debates. We all have an opinion on bug-out bags, survival caches, survival kits and emergency supply stockpiles and certainly, some of that stuff gets included in our everyday carry stuff by default. But very few people actually make a concerted effort

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Hang On To These Critical Tools After a Collapse

After disaster strikes, one aspect of modern life that is sure to be sharply affected is the easy access to tools for building and manufacturing. In fact, many people who haven’t planned and prepared will be scrambling and trying to get their wits about them. You’ll be way ahead of them, set up with adequate food stores and

3 Amazing Gear Upgrades for a Kayak

  Some people really like water. They like to swim and they love water sports. Other simply want to sit in a boat and fish. Then there are those who love their kayak. It’s the sort of “vehicle” that allows you to sit in a boat and fish and work those crazy waves if a