Why the US Navy Blue Jacket’s Manual Should be Added to Everyone’s Bookshelf

Blue Jacket's Manual


When it comes to survival, particularly when we expect the grid to go down, we are going to be relying on books once again. We say “one again” because too often we fall back on electronic books, which are really not books at all in our minds, although we do appreciate them for what they are. However, when we no longer have our Kindles or IPads to go to we will need genuine paper and hardback books again.

And, another thought, when we are in the position where it comes time to bug-out, you may not be able to completely rely on your mind power. Granted, you’ve been training for this moment but when the shock and awe settle in we still need reference materials that we can pull out at a moment’s notice; something to go into our bug-out bags that we and our family can look back on when, for whatever reason, we become flummoxed.

We say keep your Bible close for all your spiritual needs but also have that US Navy Blue Jacket’s Manual for other survival matters!

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  1. Graham Wright said:

    Can someone who has this book AND the SAS survival handbook do a comparison and let us all know . Will keep to my trusted SAS in the meantime .

  2. John Tveit said:

    I have mine from boot camp in ’79. I also have my uncle’s from 1940. Interesting reading they are.