This FLIR Pro Infrared Smartphone Camera Passes the Survival Test


We have all seen the movies: An over-the-top shot of the good guys with an infrared camera, highlighted in green, somewhere in the Middle East, or a flat in London or New York City, attacking the terrorists, asleep, also highlighted in green.

A burst of orange appears and the terrorists are exterminated. The President and his crew look on with a mix of awe, dread, and elation.

Chances are you will never have to use an infrared camera to take on a hoard of terrorists.

You may, however, need one to identify a critter lurking on the edge of your property or to figure out which burger on the grill is cooking the hottest!

That is where the FLIR One Pro Infrared Smartphone Camera comes in!

By attaching the FLIR to your smartphone you have a fully functional camera that records infrared images for still shots or video!

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