Don’t Get Rid of an Old Cell Phone – Here Are 6 Ingenious Ways to Put it to Use for Off the Grid Survival

broken iPhone


We all use cell phones today. This was never made more clear to us when yesterday, after going into a room and sitting at a table for an important meeting, seeing everyone whip out their phones to gather important information before we got started. Cell phones are simply a way of life and are not going away too soon.

However, these wonderful devices are also becoming the ultimate throw away item as well. It seems as soon as you have the latest, greatest, and most powerful than ever before phone, with even more bells and whistles, another makes itself know that is even better. And – yes – we just have to have it.

So what happens to that old phone? You can toss it, sell it, or even trade it in but there is also another option for preppers.

After the break go over to the next page and take a look at some great reasons you may want to hold onto that obsolete cell phone, possibly stick it in your bug-out bag, and use it once the grid goes down.

The phone may be yesterday’s news but the information inside of it is not!

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