Can a Smart Watch Replace a Survivalist’s GPS?

smart watch

For many outdoorsmen, the idea of using a GPS or Smart Watch is blasphemy! They go out into the wilderness with a compass, maybe a map, and hike their way to a destination without fail. Then they return from said destination with hardly a worry about how they got there and how they returned.

Honestly, that is impressive. We would follow these people anywhere!

Unfortunately, for the directionally challenged like ourselves, we need a little more help. And happily, there are a lot of items out there these days just for us, a sort of plethora of “Directions for Dummies” that we are not embarrassed to say we need in great quantity and will use when the time comes.

However, for those who exclusively use GPS’s to get where they are going in the wilderness, the option of a Smart Watch is becoming more attractive. It is light and is easy to load – and it straps on your wrist! Pretty cool, right?

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  1. Jeremy Harviel Reeves said:

    lol you think in a SHTF scenario GPS will still work? Folks, Learn to read a Map. Learn how to use a Compass. Basic Land Nav skills DONT need satellite hook ups.