3 Amazing Gear Upgrades for a Kayak



Some people really like water. They like to swim and they love water sports. Other simply want to sit in a boat and fish. Then there are those who love their kayak. It’s the sort of “vehicle” that allows you to sit in a boat and fish and work those crazy waves if a river rafting scenario makes itself known!

Kayaking is fun but it can also be a terrific form of traveling after the SHTF. If you are bugging out in the wilderness, know your area well, and want to use your kayak to explore, hunt, or merely move items from one place to another, this form of water transportation can be your best friend!

Still, there are ways to convert your kayak into something even more useful; items you can buy that will enhance the experience, make it better, and might even save some wear and tear on yourself and those you love.

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