3 Amazing Gear Upgrades for a Kayak


Here are three great items and links to help you with your kayak after bugging out! They are helpful, fun, and important all in a row! Bugging out does not necessarily mean discomfort!

Engel 30QT Rod Holder Cooler/Dry Box
Engel Coolers [Purchase Here]
An upgrade from the standard milk crate, this model has four rod holders fitted to the sides and enough room within for several utility-size tackle boxes, lunch, and other necessities.
Yak Attack Panfish Portrait Camera Mount
Yak Attack
What good is catching that trophy if you can’t post it to social media? This movable mini camera mount lets you nail that hero shot, even while fishing solo.
NRS Yak Yak Boat Cart
NRS [Purchase Here]
This set of wheels makes moving a kayak easier, especially when the launch site is a long way from the parking lot.

You may think the camera mount is a frivolous piece to own but anyone who has made survival videos can tell you it and a GoPro© are a great combination. Besides, when the SHTF does happen it will be important for survivalists to chronicle it as it progresses; show your journey through the chaos. The camera mount on your kayak can certainly aid in that process!

There are other things you can purchase for your kayak to make life a little easier. You will find them over on Field and Stream. Just because the SHTF does not mean you have to give up on your boat or kayak. You will just need to learn to use them differently!