(Video) Taking Advantage of the Most Useful Parts of Wood

useful parts of wood

If there is one thing we can say about the forest, there is a lot of wood there! And, because there is so much of this natural resource, there is no reason why we, as survivalists and preppers, should not use it to our best benefit!

Now, we are not just talking about building a shelter or using it in our campfire but really taking advantage of our own natural creativity and using the wood for an everyday purpose.

Bushcrafting or wood crafting is ideal while you are on a camping or training trip and, if you already know what you are doing, bringing the family along, teaching them what you know, is ideal! They are, after all, the next generation and you will want them to know as much as you.

That was the idea behind the video over on page two, where we have a great outdoorsman, along with a young member of the family, learning wood-crafting!

Watch as he introduces us to such items as a carver's mallet, harvesting hook, rope and willow cordage making, and he shows us all of the helpful branches, twigs and stems that can be used!

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