With These 10 Powerful Powerless Tools it’s Possible to Survive an EMP

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It's true that many people don't know what an EMP is, especially if they're not frequent preppers. The scary thing is an EMP is an electromagnetic pulse, and it can wipe out anything from radios to cars and even computer equipment in the blink of an eye.

In fact, someone who doesn't know what an EMP is capable of may say something like “That can't really happen, can it?”

Unfortunately, this isn't “fake news” — an EMP could arrive. That's why it's important for preppers to prepare their friends and family for an EMP because it's possible one could happen in the future. When one does take place, you won't want your loved ones left in the dark – quite literally.

After the break learn about the tools that will help you make it through an EMP. That way if an EMP does take place you'll not only know what to expect, but you'll have the tools to take it on!

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