With These 10 Powerful Powerless Tools it’s Possible to Survive an EMP

hand tools

shovel in soil

1 – Shovel

Shovels are an extremely useful survival tool after an EMP – not only can you use them for planting a survival garden, digging a shelter and hiding your valuables, but you can also use them as a defense weapon against your enemies.

2 – Pipe Wrench

One of the worst things to have to deal with after an EMP is a sewage problem. Thankfully, with a pipe wrench you’ll be able to repair your sewage system and prevent any unwanted issues.

A shovel is a tool you shouldn't be without — it's nice knowing you can use this tool many different ways, from hiding important valuables to evening using it as a weapon if needed. The same goes for a pipe wrench. Thank goodness you can repair a sewage system with this handy tool.

There are still more powerless yet powerful tools that'll work during an EMP. Learn what they are and how to use them to your advantage after the break. 

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