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using an ax

Learning How to Properly Use This Hardcore Tool is a Vital Skill to Have

Learning How to Properly Use This Hardcore Tool is a Vital Skill to Have

One of the most important tools you can have at your bug out cabin or homestead is the good ol’ trusty ax. This tool has been a staple of self-sufficient individuals for countless generations, and it’s easy to see why. With an ax, you can clear farmland, make tools, chop wood to build your home

making a Kuksa

Check Out What a Kuksa is and How to Make It

A Kuksa is a drinking vessel, traditionally made by the Sami people of Northern Scandinavia (also known as a Guksi). Traditionally it’s made from dried Birchwood, reflected local traditions regarding design and served as a special drinking dish, which if done properly and maintained correctly, could last for decades, even a lifetime. The Kuksa in


[VIDEO] Tampons Are Survival Tools Too!

When someone says “survival tool,” not many people would come up with tampons. In fact, tampons are an everyday subject for just about no one, except maybe the people that make them. For the rest of us, tampons are something only talked about – or thought about – when they are needed. They are, however,

stone blades

How to Make an Emergency Knife in Nature

In a hardcore survival situation, say you are stranded in the wilderness, days away from civilization. You may have little or no supplies, so reverting to primitive survival techniques is a must to give yourself a shot. Knowing how to build a primitive shelter, starting a fire from scratch and securing your own food are