Sometimes Older Hand Tools are Not Better – Why You Should Keep Them in Excellent Shape!

hand tools

Just about everyone has a collection of tools that they use with varying frequency.

Many are power-tools, which makes work a lot easier.

What happens, though, if there is no power to run electrical tools or recharge battery run tools?

Most of us have hand tools like screwdrivers, hammer and files, but what about drills, saws and other hand tools to tackle larger projects?

In the aftermath of a significant survival event or SHTF moment, like a blizzard or hurricane, those types of tools become invaluable as you begin to repair any damage done to your home or property.

Chances are, however, those tools are stored on a shelf somewhere, and their state of maintenance is questionable at best.

The video on the next page covers hand tools you should keep in good condition and readily available, should you be faced with a prolonged power outage.

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