Without Electricity, Now is the Time to Learn How to Use a ‘Vintage Ro Ho’ During a Survival Situation

vintage ro ho

When you are a prepper, you need to think outside the box and think about things your friends and neighbors may not consider important.

For instance, let’s say you have an excellent plot of land in your backyard, and you decide to do some planting and harvesting. If you’re not a prepper who has a realistic budget you might buy all of the latest gadgets, as well as gasoline and electricity. And certainly, you will have an excellent garden and harvest by the end of the season!

That is… if the grid does not go down. Think about the black-outs or brown-outs warnings in your city or town if you do experience power shortages and a never-ending demand.

And, when it comes to gasoline, what if rationing takes place? Will the gas you attain be for your car, lawn mower or tiller you have in the backyard?!

Not knowing how long gasoline will be available during SHTF is when preparation for SHTF comes into play. A good prepper will have alternate solutions for any problem that comes their way.

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