What to Look for in an Off Grid Emergency Solar Generator to Maintain Normalcy When SHTF

solar generator

When A Survival Situation Takes Place You Will Need Another Form Of Power. A Solar Powered Generator Is Your Only Hope. Check Out Your Solar Options Now, Before It's Too Late:

A lot of post-apocalyptic movies will have us believe that when the world comes to a grinding halt, somehow the power grid will remain functional (I'm looking at you, Zombieland). The unfortunate and the obvious truth is that when the bubble bursts and we are all left to fend for ourselves in a land devoid of government protection, the power grid will probably be the first thing to suffer.

Without people to constantly monitor the grid, the only ones who will have electricity will be those who get their power from renewable sources that are readily available. While gas generators are becoming incredibly efficient and cheap, eventually your stored up gas will be gone, and you will be left wishing you had sprung for a solar option.

So what do you need to consider when purchasing your solar-powered generator? Read on to find out.

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