Check Out What a Kuksa is and How to Make It

making a Kuksa

A Kuksa is a drinking vessel, traditionally made by the Sami people of Northern Scandinavia (also known as a Guksi).

Traditionally it's made from dried Birchwood, reflected local traditions regarding design and served as a special drinking dish, which if done properly and maintained correctly, could last for decades, even a lifetime.

The Kuksa in many situations was a heirloom piece that could be handed down through generations and would last indefinitely as long as basic maintenance was implemented. Most people do not use detergent to clean a Kuksa as it is believed to damage and weaken the wood.

In a Bushcraft environment, being able to fashion a Kuksa could serve two purposes. First, to use it as a drinking vessel or to hold soups or stews. Second, as a barter item.

Learn how to make a Kuksa and learn more about its history after the break.

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    If you believe this video where they use bones, guts, hair and all to make hot dogs, you are a special kind of stupid!

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    And he is also spoke person for Morakniv which is who makes that cool little blade of mine

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    Bushcrafting implies made with tool you would have in the bush. Who carries a 2″ gouge around with them in the bush?