[VIDEO] Tampons Are Survival Tools Too!


When someone says “survival tool,” not many people would come up with tampons.

In fact, tampons are an everyday subject for just about no one, except maybe the people that make them.

For the rest of us, tampons are something only talked about – or thought about – when they are needed.

They are, however, a pretty amazing tool for survival. in fact, few know that they are an FDA Class 2 Medical Device.

The internal cotton fiber is highly absorbent, flammable and sterilized making it ideal for dressing and packing wounds.

The rest of the tampon has multiple uses as well that would come in handy in just about any survival situation.

Watch the video on the next page to see why you must have a couple of tampons in your survival kit (apart from the obvious reason).

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  1. Brandin Bushmaster said:

    They’re mediocre replacements for tools you should already fucking have or know how to make. Never take a$#%&[email protected]*who carries these for less than feminine hygiene seriously.

  2. Billy Edmonson said:

    Tampons do not work to stop bleeding because they apply no pressure nor have anything to stem the bleeding so why would you pack a would with them?