How to Make an Emergency Knife in Nature

stone blades

In a hardcore survival situation, say you are stranded in the wilderness, days away from civilization. You may have little or no supplies, so reverting to primitive survival techniques is a must to give yourself a shot.

Knowing how to build a primitive shelter, starting a fire from scratch and securing your own food are all skills that if you know what you are doing, your chances of survival increase dramatically.

Another primitive skill you have to learn is how to fashion a knife blade out of rocks.

A knife is a critical survival tool that you will use more than just about any other tool.

While fashioning one out of rocks is not easy, by using a pounding rock to chip away at smaller rock's edges, you can fashion a blade and use that edge, branches and even cleaning fish for the game you catch.

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Via Vimeo/Paul Scheiter

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  1. Clay Nroht said:

    most of these fat dumbasses don’t need a knife they need a fork…