(VIDEO) The Five Tool Rule – What You Must Have at a Minimum!

man holding up knife

Survival in almost any setting requires a certain set of skills and the tools you will need to accomplish tasks.

While having access to every type of tool is preferable, the reality is that you will only use a few number of tools for most survival scenarios.

It depends on your environment what those tools are, but the one constant is that you need to have a sturdy, sharp and reliable survival knife.

After that, your environment dictates what you will use most and most effectively.

What you need in Maine, for example, will be somewhat different than what you need in Louisiana and what's needed there will differ from what you need in a desert environment.

To see one guys opinion on five tools, you must have when faced with a survival or bush situation, check out the video on the next page.

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  1. Diy F Zim said:

    Really so you carry everything you need in any situation on you at all times well how about this it broak or you fell down a hill and it’s gone now what do you do …….you use your brain to find a way around the problem but unfortunately your reliance upon tools left you with the inability to use what’s available

  2. Dingus said:

    Well not sure what everyone else carries or would carry but I have several tools with me at all times no exception. One of the tools is a knife. I always have a pocket knife and a larger folder clipped into two pockets. I have a pack in my pocket that is a basic fishing line and hooks and a couple small sinkers. I have 4 waxed cotton pads and some antibiotic packs. They all fit into a back pocket without any noticeability even on long rides on the harley. I have a small “get home” kit on the bike and a 72hr bag in the truck with a ton of other stuff since I have been caught in the sierra nevadas in winter once and that was all it took to always be ready for some basic survival. But on my person is the most BASIC of survival of tools. If I need a hatchet then I will figure a way to make one out of what ever I can scrounge. Most of your survival will always depend on scrounging what you need so just some basic elements is all you really need to keep you going until more can be found.

  3. David Boone said:

    Not to say that he didn’t copy someone else’s ideas, but most of this stuff has been around for centuries. Pretty much everybody learned it from someone else.

  4. Dave Marx said:

    Most ideas come from someone somewhere. He’s just using all the knowledge he’s accumulated to come up with the best solutions to survival situations.

  5. Tim Crowley said:

    Effective>original. I’d rather hear an idea proven by many people.

  6. James Archer said:

    All ideas come from somewhere else, all your education came from teachers yet I’m sure you teach your kids how to do certain math problems that you learned in school. So even Ole Dave there had to learn it somewhere in order to pass it on. No sense in cracking skulls over it.

  7. Tom Spartaski said:

    I roll with a cargo van full of power tools and a solar panel trailer which can power all of them….

  8. Scott Brown said:

    Hate to say it but people have been waiting for “the collapse” since Y2K. There isn’t going to be one in our lifetime.

  9. Jacob Hinton said:

    Mollie PandoraBryan this is one of those guys I was telling you about